• 7 Things you need to know before

    Transporting your Car

7 Things you Need to Know before Transporting your Car

Most individuals have never had to ship a car before, including you. The entire procedure might be difficult for someone who has never shipped a car before. How can I begin the auto transfer procedure, you may be wondering? What deadlines must I be mindful of? Is there a manual on transporting cars that I can use?

We have the solutions you’re looking for, Six fundamental steps are listed below so you know what to do before your automobile departs on its journey without you. Don’t worry; the proper company will take good care of your automobile.

1. Know the Process

Getting a car from point A to point B may seem simple, but there are a few things you should be aware of before beginning.

The most crucial step is choosing a reputable, experienced, and reliable automobile transfer business. For additional information, see this useful article on what to look for in a vehicle shipping firm. A vehicle transport firm will assist you in placing your order and will then search for the carrier that most closely matches your demands depending on the time frame you need and other criteria.

2. Conduct Research

As soon as you think you might need to transport your car or vehicles, start your research. You may have many possibilities after conducting a brief web search, but not all vehicle transport businesses are reliable. Select a handful, look at their customer ratings and read some of their client testimonials. When comparing estimates, make sure to keep in mind that the lowest price does not necessarily guarantee the greatest customer service.

3. Select your Transport Company

Now that your research has been done, you may choose your vehicle shipping company with confidence. It is best to schedule your shipping as soon as possible. If at all feasible, it is advised scheduling transport at least four weeks before your desired shipment date, however transportation may still be accomplished on short notice. 

We at Robust Car Transport send an email confirmation with an overview of your order once the reservation is made through our system. It will include the Pickup & Dropoff Locations, City, Zip, Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Shipping Date, Terms and Conditions, and a Snippet of what to expect next.

4. Check your Vehicle

You need to ensure t hat your car is in good functioning order and that no fluids are leaking before the ship date. 

If the Car is inoperable, it can be informed ahead of time so that necessary precautions and pre-requisites can be requested for it. Inoperable cars can be transported as long as they can roll, brake, and steer correctly and both pickup and delivery locations can 

5. Remove Valuable Items


We also advise taking out extra coins, automated parking cards, and toll tags from vehicles. Most people are aware not to leave items like iPads or computers there.

6. Car and Driver Prep


Expect a call, text, or email from your driver confirming the place and time the day before your scheduled pickup. For a quick and simple vehicle condition assessment by the driver, wash your car before the trip.

7. Finally Receive Delivery

Before you sign for your automobile, you and your driver will perform one last condition check. You’ll then be on your way!

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