What Are the Special Requirements for Shipping a Car?

Shipping a car can be complicated, especially if you’re moving across the state. Here are some tips on how to prepare your vehicle for transport.

1. Vehicle Documentation

Before you ship your vehicle, make sure you have the proper documentation ready which is mostly related to identification, condition etc. 

This mostly includes vehicle identification number (VIN), Title, vehicle condition, odometer reading, proof of insurance, and any other documents required by law. If you plan to ship your vehicle internationally, you’ll also need to obtain an international license plate.

2. Vehicle ID Documents

A VIN is a unique number assigned to each car, truck, motorcycle, boat, etc., that identifies its manufacturer, model, year, and serial number. It’s located under the hood or on the dashboard. 

You can find yours online at www.vinrcl.gov/vin/. If the vehicle has been shipped from a dealership, auction house or shipping terminal its always important to match the vin before it is shipped to your location in order to avoid any ambiguities and ensure the vehicle you bought is the one getting shipped.

3. Title

If you’re planning to ship a vehicle, make sure you have the dealership, auction house or relevant party give you the title confirmation and its relevent proper documentation before the car leaves to your destination. In addition to that, some times its better to have addition documentation such as bill of saleinsurance, and an inspection certificate (if the seller provides you the inspection facility).

4. Vehicle Condition

Make sure your car is in the expected condition before you ship it. Any or All Damages should be declared and disclosed to you beforehand by the seller. If it is bought from any auction house or dealership, they mostly offer Post Sale Inspection (PSI) Reports which should ideally find out any issues which were not mentioned in the Condition Report based on which the car was bought.

5. Get Accustomed to Transit Policies & Rules

All Carriers create a vehicle damage report which records any visible damages which were present before the car was taken into custody by the carrier, make sure you get the report when receiving the vehicle and compare it with the delivery report to see if the car is in the same condition was it was shipped from the source. If you plan to ship a vehicle internationally, make sure you understand the rules and regulations regarding importation. In some countries, importing a vehicle without proper documentation can result in fines and even jail time.

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